ADHD and Hygiene

Maintaining good self-hygiene can be a real challenge for ADHDers. Difficulties with organization, time management, sensory overload, and maintaining attention can make routine hygiene tasks feel so overwhelming. However, with the right strategies, it’s entirely possible to manage these challenges and develop effective self-hygiene habits. 

Here are some practical tips to help you stay on track:

Creating a consistent daily routine is crucial. By scheduling personal hygiene tasks such as bathing, having a shower, or brushing your teeth at the same time each day, these activities can become *automatic* parts of your day. A set routine minimizes the effort needed to decide when to perform these tasks, making it easier to follow through.

Visual aids can also be incredibly helpful in prompting you to engage in personal hygiene. Place sticky notes or checklists in often-used locations around your home (like your bathroom)!! These reminders can act as cues to help you remember your hygiene tasks, therefore reducing the chance of forgetting them.

Longer, time consuming tasks can feel daunting, but breaking them down into smaller, manageable steps can make a big difference. For example, instead of viewing taking a shower as one big task, break it down into steps like gathering your towels, undressing, shampooing, washing, and drying off. This approach can prevent you from feeling overwhelmed from one “big” task.

Using alarms or timers on your phone or other devices can serve as helpful reminders. Set these for specific hygiene activities throughout the day, such as brushing your teeth after meals or washing your face before bed. This method ensures that you don’t forget important hygiene tasks.

Motivation is ALWAYS key. Create a reward system to encourage yourself to practice good hygiene habits consistently. After completing hygiene tasks, treat yourself to something enjoyable, like watching a favourite TV show or indulging in a relaxing activity. Rewards provide positive reinforcement, making it more likely you’ll stick to your routine.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Family members, friends, or roommates can offer encouragement and accountability. Having someone to check in with or provide reminders can be incredibly supportive in maintaining your hygiene routine. Their involvement can help you stay motivated and on track.

Finally, make adjustments to your environment to support your hygiene habits. Install shower organizers to keep your toiletries easily accessible, use electric toothbrushes or flossers for convenience, or invest in grooming tools with built-in timers or reminders. Tailoring your environment to your needs can significantly ease the process of maintaining good hygiene.

By integrating these strategies into your daily routine, you can improve your self-hygiene habits and manage the challenges associated with ADHD more effectively. Establishing a routine, using visual reminders, breaking tasks into smaller steps, setting alarms, rewarding yourself, seeking support, and adapting your environment are all practical steps that can lead to better hygiene and overall well-being.

As always, reach out to the Yellow Serenity team for support. You got this!